Hoje é Peixe!
Today we have fish!



This work involved the development of a mobile solution to help students, professors and general staff of the University of São Paulo to choose the best restaurant for lunch/dinner.

The task was part of a laboratory course of software engineering, and it was divided into two parts:

· Android application – the front-end to be used on phones;
· cloud-based web service – to gather the information about all the restaurants and provide them in a combined form.

University of São Paulo has 4 main restaurants whose weekly menus are published on different websites.
The web-service collects this information and makes it available on a RESTful interface. This way, the Android client can easily collect and display all this information aggregated on a single location. Off-line caching is also available to ensure access to the most recente data even in the absence of a network.

The application usage has escalated very quickly. It has already been installed to at least 5000 devices.

· Extensive data mining and parsing of external information
· RESTful cloud-based web service
· Agile development involving direct contact with the end-users