—  Professional Experience  —

  • Software Engineer

    API development  —  
    Embedded systems  —  Encryption algorithyms

    October 2012 to July 2014

    in Gertec, commercial and banking automation

—  Education  —

  • Game Design & Development M.S.

    Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

    Rochester, NY - United States

    August 2014 to present

  • Computer Engineering B.S.

    Advanced Programming  —  
    Systems design  —  
    Network Communications  —  
    Data management

    Electrical Engineering - Emphasis: Computers and Digital Systems

    Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

    São Paulo, SP - Brazil

    February 2008 to June 2013

—  Skills  —

  • Advanced

    Experienced with C, C#, PHP, C++ and Java, yet, readily able to learn new programming languages.

  • Server

    Setting up, deploying and monitoring servers in which applications are stored, locally or in the cloud.

  • Team

    Collaboration with designers, marketing managers, customer support, other engineers, stack holders and so on...

  • Proactive

    Capable of creating innovative solutions with few or no guidance, being able to tackle different problems very efficiently.