Equipe Poli de Baja



This work involved the development of a website for Equipe Poli da Baja, a team of students that builds off-road vehicles for competitions, representing the Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo.

The website contains two parts:
· the main front-end - focused on explaining what the team is about, and exposing its sponsors;
· the control panel – specially tailored to support the maintenance of the website, allowing anyone to add and manage all of its contents.

Both designing and programming were required for this project. Being part of the team itself helped to understand its needs, and as they had no specific requirements, they were open to suggestions and improvements.

The focus with this project was to ensure a long-lasting website, making sure it could accommodate new content over the years, even without any technical member within the team.
Some of the features include management of mailing lists – for sponsors and newsfeeds – as well as photo gallery and recruitment forms.

· On-the-fly image treatment
· Secure mailing lists
· Fully customized control panel