Blogs ASJ


This work involved the development of a platform for a secondary college (Colégio Agostiniano São José - ASJ) in which its students would be able to create small blogs. Regularly posting general news and reviews on those blogs was a mandatory activity for all students during their geography and history classes.

This platform concept was suggested in order to put all the blogs together in a single location, so they could be easily browsed. The initial idea was to use external blog-like providers, making it harder for teacher to evaluate the results.

Both designing and programming were required for this project. The focus was to ensure a long-lasting website, making sure it could accommodate new content over the years, even without any technical member within the team. It has been used since 2007, renewing its user-base every year.

Some of the features include management of calendars – used for arranging specific deadlines – as well as WYSIWYG editor for creating and previewing the posts.

· Custom URLs for each blog
· WYSIWYG editor
· Fully customized control panel